AES Says No to Student Bullying!
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Sunday, September 14, 2014
AES says NO to Bullies
AES says NO to Bullies
Bullying/Hazing Prevention Activities 2014-2015

Ashford Elementary School

Bullying/Hazing Prevention Activites 2014-2015


1. All classes attend counseling session devoted to helping students understand the definition of bullying and hazing. All students learn our plan of what to do when they see bullying take place.

2. Parents are sent home a letter asking them to partner with us in reinforcing this topic at home and supporting us in preventing bullying behavior.

3. Parents are sent a bullying information sheet including tips and suggestions for providing support for their children regarding bullying situations.

4. Parents are sent a letter informing them on "Stop Bullying in Alabama" Campaign which gives parents the option to report incidences of bullying to school personnel by using the "Report a Bully" button located at and other useful websites including

5. All staff members are given a Bullying/Hazing information packet and posters to place in the classroom.

6. The Substance Abuse Partnership comes to school several times per year to discuss cyber bullying and other bullying related topics.

7. When an incident takes place, parents are encouraged to come by school and fill out a Harassment Report, in which we follow the Houston County Schools Harassment Policy.

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