Mission Statement  

Houston County Schools, believing that our children are our future, commit to a partnership with stakeholders, to provide safe, caring learning environments that encourage each student to achieve to his or her full potential. Beliefs:

  • A school community should be a safe and caring environment that promotes respect, self-worth, creativity, and academic growth.
  • All stakeholders should work collaboratively.
  • Education must be responsive to the diversity of our students.
  • A school community should foster the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of each student.
  • Education should be celebrated as a lifelong process that fosters personal growth.
  • Essential components of learning are innovation, risk-taking, and challenging students' limits.

  About The School  

Welcome to Ashford Elementary School

 Ashford Elementary is a Pre- K through 6th grade school located in the city of Ashford, AL. Ashford Elementary serves approximately 800 students with 62 professional staff members and 32 support personnel. Ashford Elementary School provides many services for exceptional students including speech therapy, specific learning disabilities, autistic, Pre-School, Head Start, Physical Education, and Gifted.

The school rewards students each year who achieve their Accelerated Reader goals with off campus and on-campus field trips.  Reading medallions are awarded during Honor's Day!

Ashford Elementary School's mission is to provide a safe environment in which all students are given opportunities to reach their fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically through shared responsibility of parents, faculty, and community. Our goal is for students to :  ENTER TO LEARN ...STAY TO ACHIEVE...LEAVE TO SUCCEED!