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     In September, 2013, the Business, Community and Education Partnership was organized for the purpose of connecting businesses and the community with education. Many services were already being provided on an individual and collective basis to the Houston County Schools without credit being given. By forming the partnership, the contributions of all stakeholders can be recorded and proper recognition given to those individuals or entities that are such a vital part of an educational system.
     The Partnership, to be known as BCEP, will strive to become an expected part of the County's educational fabric connecting businesses and the community to the Houston County School System. With active involvement of the businesses and the community with education, resources can be utilized to further the educational quality of the schools. Groups such as retailers, manufacturers, utility companies, small businesses, financial institutions, and faith-based and civic organizations will initiate activities that encourage students, enrich their educational experiences, and connect them to the world of work.

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Ashford Elementary School is proud to present our 2015-2016 Business, Community and Education Partners. These companies and individuals have graciously given to our school in many different ways. As a small token of our appreciation, we would like to formally thank them by listing them on our school website.


August 2015



  • Covenant East provided teachers with snacks to help strengthen us through our first week of work and Open House!                                                                      
  • Dothan First Church of the Nazarene donated book bags and supplies to students for the first week of school!     
  • On August 1, 2015, AES Pride Day converged into a mixture of Watermark Church members and AES teachers cleaning, painting and beautifying the AES campus!  Many supplies were donated to go along with this event.
  • In September 2015, In the Doghouse Kennels, owner Michelle Posey donated money for student supplies.  Thank you!
  • Farley Nuclear Plant has been a tremendous help to AES by providing basic student support aids and helping our Robotic Team with materials and expertise.  Thank you!